Core Courses

  1. Integrating Landscape and Heritage Today: Key Concepts and Methods.
  2. Landscape Intervention and Heritage Management: the European Dimension.
  3. Landscape Analysis: Integrating the Biophysical and the Cultural Dimensions of Landscape.
  4. New Strategies for Landscape and Heritage: Methodologies and Projects Worldwide.
  5. Urban/Territorial Dynamics and Landscape Production: Updating the Landscape Project.
  6. Redefining Heritage: Innovation and Creativity in Landscape Heritage Projects.


  1. Productive Creative Landscapes: New Entrepreneurial Visions for Local Develop-ment.
  2. Climate-Proof Landscapes / Low Carbon Environments: Landscape Planning Facing Climate Change.
  3. Ephemeral Intervention in Landscapes and Heritage: Beyond Land-Art.
  4. Ordinary Landscapes, Emerging Heritage: The Collective Public Realm.
  5. Landscapes of Global Tourism: Challenges for Innovative Heritage Management.
  6. Smart Heritage: Urban Heritage as a Catalist for Sustainable Smart Cities.


  1. Urban Regeneration Today: the Tanneries Neighbourhoods in Europe.
  2. Landscape Planning in Small Towns (II): Cities in Transition.
  3. SOS Brutalism: Recycling the 20th Century Obsolete Energyscapes (Padova-Barcelona).
  4. Updating Urban Utopia: Inhabiting the Walden 7 Building Today.
  5. Cultural Landscapes at Work: Rethinking Mining sites and Winescapes.
  6. The Future of the Highstreet: Rebranding Commercial Strips Urban Landscapes.
  7. Landscape Integration Projects in the Natural Fringe (Andorra).
  8. Asbestos Urban Landscapes: Environmental Recovery and Local Urban Heritage.

SPECIALISATION SEMINARS (‘hands-on’ ateliers)

  1. Landscape and Telematics: How to use Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in Landscape Planning and Projects.
  2. Communication and Branding of Projects: Advanced Graphic Design for Landsca-pe and Heritage Projects.
  3. Landscape Management: Advanced Landscape Integration Methods in Diverse Territories.
  4. ‘Visualizing Barcelona’ Augmented Reality and Telematics applied to Urban Heritage Management.
  5. Urban Transformation, Landscape Change and Heritage Production: An Overview of Mega-Events Landscape Production in Cities Worldwide.